Consortium Health Plans

CHP Website Redesign

Case Study, Design, Web

Project Overview

Consortium wanted to simplify their website and take site visitors on a user journey that would inspire them to become a partner or begin a career with them. What they already had was spread out over several pages, without any real direction or goal for the user.
What we ultimately created for them was an uncomplicated and clean, interactive website where users would learn about the company quickly, and would be lead to get in touch with them after their journey.

Our Approach and Objectives

User journey was the focus of this project as there wasn’t much content we would be bringing over from the previous site.
We also wanted to be conscious of any interactive enhancements we would employ so they would not detract from the website.
Finally, we wanted to make sure users would have an ending to their journey that gave them a clear instruction. We didn’t want to rely on users searching for a call to action, so we lead them there.

The Results

Our final piece resulted in a visually interesting, goal-focused site that the client was ecstatic about.