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Clark Concepts has been at the forefront of web development for over 20 years!

If you need a website, odds are you need to change the content from time to time. This is where a CMS (Content Management System) comes in. A CMS bridges the gap between site owners and the complicated HTML needed to update content by providing user-friendly tools that resemble word processors, like Microsoft Word or Google Docs.

Here at Clark Concepts, we develop primarily in WordPress. Clark Concepts recognized the potential of WordPress early and was an early adopter of this fantastic technology. It seems like the rest of the world caught on! We have unrivaled years of experience with the platform.

Is WordPress right for you?

We may not know you, but the answer’s probably yes.  WordPress is by far the most popular CMS with over 60% market share among competing CMS options, and powers over one-third of all websites worldwide!  What makes WordPress the industry leader?  Many reasons!

  1. Flexibility
    Wordpress is simple at its core, but can be complex only if you want it to be.  With a rather featureless core, plugins can be added to flesh out your site only in the ways you envision.  WordPress can go in virtually any direction – from e-commerce to portfolio pieces, document libraries, blogs and more!
  2. Low Development Cost
    Wordpress is coded in PHP, which is the most popular language used on website backends and well-supported by developers worldwide.  This keeps development costs relatively low because PHP developers are always in supply.
  3. Open-Source Community
    Wordpress is well-supported by a huge community of dedicated programmers who have opened up WordPress’s myriad of features.  As a result, plugins exist for virtually anything.  Even better, multiple plugins compete with each other to fulfill the same functionality resulting in better products at little cost to you!
  4. Ease of Us
    Compared to other CMS options, WordPress has gained its dominant market share because it’s much easier to comprehend for non-tech and tech people alike!  Its intuitive nature and easy learning curve make WordPress users feel like magicians!

What else is out there?

Sometimes, WordPress is not the best option for you.  If your website needs to serve over 50 pages or so (not including blog posts) with many repeating sections of content, the “module” approach used by Drupal may best fit your needs.

With more complexity, Drupal installations are more complex to develop and has a moderate learning curve to maintain.  However, it more readily handles large amounts of information.  This type of CMS is favored by government institutions and the healthcare industry.

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