Website Improvement and Optimization

Has your site not aged well?  Is it slow?  Has there been a bug on it nagging you for years?

Try our website improvement and optimization services!

If a new website is not in the budget, old websites can be improved to act faster and look more modern .  By rearranging existing code and adding in a few styling tweaks, we can delay most websites from reaching obsolescence by improving its look on mobile devices and getting rid of annoying bugs.

Try a free consultation to see where we can improve the look and functionality of your website so that it appears clean and professional on both desktop and mobile devices.

We Fix Broken and Outdated Websites

If a brand new website is not in the budget but you wish your website looks or behaves better, let us have a look and see where things are faltering.  Websites can fail for multiple reasons outside of your control.  Your hosting company may have upgraded software your website wasn’t ready for.  Third-party vendors like Google Maps or Facebook may have changed their software so that your maps and feeds don’t work anymore.

Let us have a look and see where the errors lie so we can fix them!

Mobile Optimization


A common problem with older websites is that they simply do not look good on mobile devices like phones and tablets.  When smartphones first appeared, mobile and desktop sites were separated into completely different websites to hit.  These days, responsive design makes the same website available for both desktop and mobile devices to use.  Let us add the structure and styling needed to make your older website fit for how users surf the web today.


Speed Optimization Services


From images that are too large, to broken code and incorrect hosting settings, there are many things that can slow down your website.  These days users are ready to give up on your website in mere seconds if it hasn’t loaded.  Give users the instant gratification they expect by delivering your content fast!

In addition to getting rid of bugs and errors, modern web technology like CDNs (Content Delivery Networks), Lazy Loading, Automatic Image Compression, and Code Minification can make your website deliver a much better user experience.

Consult with Us today and see how we can improve your site speeds and boost user experience for your website visitors!

*Please note that optimization services may require third-party subscriptions to paid services


I’m ready for a brand new website!

Hey, if improving your existing website is not in the cards and you’re ready to take on the future with a brand-new website, check out our custom WordPress / Drupal theming services.