Protected: FlashLights

Case Study, Community Outreach & Involvement, Design, Marketing, Web

Project Overview

For the third consecutive year, MCDOT launched the “FlashLights” campaign to create more enthusiasm about the bus system and boost ridership. Seven buses decorated with exterior lights, a lighted Happy Holidays sign, and snowflakes took to the streets throughout December and January.

The Clark team organized the program and unveiled the first decorated bus during the local Thanksgiving Day parade. The bus was adorned with a large scarf, eyes, and a snow machine, among the other decorations.

Our Approach

Social Media

To increase excitement about the campaign, social media posts were created that featured the “FlashLights” buses with festive phrases. These posts were shared on the MCDOT pages, as well as many local media sources.

A social media contest was held to further increase the visibility of the “FlashLights” buses on different platforms. Participants were asked to take a picture of the decorated buses and share it on social media while tagging @MCDOTNot. The competition ran from December 15th to January 1st. The five winners were selected randomly from twenty-two participants and received a $25 gift card. The FlashLights social media campaign reached over 47,000 viewers across several social media platforms.



Digital banners and a landing page were created on the Ride The Flash website to provide directions on how to enter the contest. During the two-week campaign, the home page received a 98% increase in page views, a 130% increase in new site visits, and an 89% increase in sessions when compared to the month of December.



As part of the promotion for the “FlashLights” buses, a visual guide was created to showcase the different attractions along the RT29 route during the holidays. These guides, along with candies and a cheerful “Happy Holidays” message, were distributed at outreach events held at busy bus stations during the morning and evening rush hours in order to reach the most riders. Nearly 190 riders were interacted with. This initiative garnered media attention and was well-received by the local community.


The “FlashLights” campaign continues to bring holiday cheer to their community each year.