In-Person Outreach is Back

BY Clark Communications Team

After scaling back some in-person outreach during the COVID Pandemic, we made up for the lost time by supporting over 200 events in 2022!



We reached all corners of the county, engaging with thousands of people at community events, school gatherings, grocery store pop-ups, and shopping malls. As a result, we reached well over ten thousand people throughout the year!


Our outreach team hit the streets with the MCDOT Flash bus at many community events where visitors could learn more about riding Flash and the system expansion – while having fun on MonsterFlash and FlashLights.

We were on the ground in Baltimore, providing information about MDOT MTA’s Zero Emissions Bus program, the Regional Transit Plan, and how to navigate the new bikeway cycle track on North Avenue.

We enjoyed seeing folks at DC events and bike repair pop-ups, where we encouraged residents and visitors to consider alternative modes of transportation to reduce congestion, help the environment, and better their health!

For MedStar Health, our outreach team had fun playing trivia with the community to provide information on COVID safety, vaccines, breast cancer awareness, dehydration, and signs of heat exhaustion.

Needless to say, If you were at one of DC Metro’s many events, we were probably there, too. We’re looking forward to an even busier 2023. So if you see us, stop by and say “hi!”

Or, if you need help with your outreach efforts, please feel free to contact us.