Leadership Roundtable

Website Redesign

Case Study, Web

Project Overview

Leadership Roundtable is a national organization for members of the clergy and the general public (religious or otherwise) committed to promoting best practices and accountability within the Catholic Church. This organization was created to bring about a change in the current culture of the Catholic community.

The Challenge

Leadership Roundtable’s original website appeared more as a static brochure and didn’t direct users to engage with the organization. The goal was to create a dynamic, journey-based site that ultimately encouraged high-profile donations. At the same time, they wanted to present information about their organization, their programs, and educational opportunities.

Leadership Roundtable partnered with Clark to help elevate its presence by creating a truly engaging and interactive product.

Previous Website

Our Approach

We worked with the Leadership Roundtable team to map out a new website architecture and create audience personas. Together, we engaged in a detailed planning period, looking for an out-of-the-box solution.

The tone and messaging for the new site content were carefully considered and created. In the end, three user journeys were identified, their organization, their programs, and their educational opportunities. Each journey was unique and led to a different action in support of Leadership Roundtable’s mission.

The Solution

A high-end and thoughtfully designed website was created and programmed. Features of the website included an interactive map, blog and news posts, and side-opening content drawers. Upon completion, the team added a Spanish version of the site to improve accessibility. After launch, adjustments were made to accommodate custom elements, technical issues, mobile devices, and SEO considerations.


The Results

The team’s expectations were met by the sophisticated structure of the website, which effectively conveys the organization’s story. The Leadership Roundtable team can easily update or add content to the website since it is built on a multi-site WordPress CMS, allowing for future growth to build out new pages and sections as needed.


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