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Pedal for Wellness Campaign

Case Study, Marketing

Project Overview

DC residents and essential workers were the main focus of our Pedal for Wellness campaign, on behalf of goDCgo.

The goal was to foster the development of a growing bike culture in the District, even during a time when many people are working from home. In doing so, the objectives involved raising awareness of bike resources and biking as a means of healthy transportation.

Our Approach

Using a “pledge to” approach, we surveyed our existing commuter subscriber list and developed a resource distribution list based on the experience level indicated. Each individual who took the pledge to “Pedal for Wellness” received skill level appropriate resources, offers, and call to actions via email. Pledgers were entered into a raffle to win bike related prizes. The pledge was also promoted through social media, partnerships with Capital Bikeshare, DC Fray, and local influencers to capture DC residents that were not a part of the commuter subscriber list.

Campaign Materials

Landing Page

goDCgo hosted a Pedal for Wellness landing page that included a pledge counter as well as two skill level resources pages (linked below).
• Pedal for Wellness Landing Page
• Biking Basics Pillar Page
• Experienced Bike Riders Pillar Page

Resources Distributed via Email

• DC Bike Map
• WABA Bike Routes (created as a part of this campaign)
• Bike Fact Sheet (created as a part of this campaign)
• Social Distancing on Bikes Blog

Social Media

The mental and physical benefits of biking were shared on social media using eye catching graphics. May focused on mental health benefits to align with Mental Health Awareness month. Physical benefits were shared in June.

Social media contests (like the helmet decorating contest below) were held to get the community involved in DC bike culture.

The Results

The campaign increased public awareness of biking resources. 5,515 individuals visited the goDCgo pedal for wellness bike page which hosted the biking resources, 865 individuals pledged to pedal for wellness, and 179 download the DC bike map, WABA bike routes, and fact sheet.

The campaign also increased membership by awarding 50 annual Capital Bikeshare memberships to pledgers that wanted a membership but did not currently have one. Ridership on Capital Bikeshare also increased during this time from 58,097 trips taken in Washington, DC in April 2020 (pre-campaign) to 115,066 and 174,009 in May and June 2020 respectively (during the campaign).