Peerless Rockville

Underground Railroad Exhibit

Case Study

Project Overview

Peerless is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving the history of Rockville MD.

The request from Peerless was to create an exhibit about the history of the underground railroad that existed in Rockville MD in the 1800’s. There is a great deal of information surrounding this topic, and the challenge was to keep the information within a set number of exhibits walls. The exhibit was to be set up in one of the great rooms at the client’s site as well as have a mobile component. This was not something that happened, in phase one, due to a change in the wall structures that were chosen.

Goals & Objectives

Peerless was looking for a colorful, impactful and modern look and feel; the client shared some examples of what they were hoping to achieve through lighting and bright colors incorporated into the art. This would be tweaked over the course of the project.

Our Approach

Clark Concepts presented a mood board to show what some design options could be and included a few loosely mocked up panels to get a read on the client. The chosen design used large type, images and color to break up the copy. This also meant additional panels would be necessary to accommodate all the assets to be included.

The Final Product

The final product resulted in an informative, easy to follow exhibition that was well received by the client and community.